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Microsoft E3 Conference – Live Blog

Live updates with time stamps will be posted as soon as the conference goes live. Stay tuned!

NOTE: All times are in EDT.

12:30 PM – Microsoft E3 Conference begins

12:31 PM – World Premiere trailer of Halo 4 begins

12:32 PM – Gameplay footage of Master chief in game begins.

12:33 PM – Master Chief is walking through a forest and encounters some grunts

12:34 PM – Chief encounters some new smaller creatures that are not Covenant based

12:35 PM – Chief shoots a new forerunner enemy, kills it and it drops a newer weapon–some sort of railgun?

12:37 PM – The players activates a thermal visor of some sort

12:37 PM – Live footage ends, switches to CGI trailer

12:38 PM – Trailer ends, Don Mattrick steps on the stage

12:38 PM –  He speaks on how popular the Xbox 360 is and how much it has selled

12:40 PM – A new trailer starts, unveiling Splinter Cell: Blacklist

12:41 PM – Gameplay of Splinter Cell: Blacklist begins

12:42 PM – Sam Fisher returns as the main protagonist; he goes on a shooting spree with swift movements.

12:43 PM – Splinter Cell: Blacklist will have classic stealth gameplay incorporated with Kinect Integration

12:45 PM – Gameplay looks to take some inspiration from Assassin’s Creed with movement very similar with Parkour-action

12:46 PM – Trailer ends and is met with applause; they announce it will be released Spring 2013

12:47 PM – Head of EA Sports Andrew Wilson steps on the stage; talks about Kinect integration with Madden 13 & FIFA 13

12:48 PM – Gameplay of FIFA 13 is shown giving voice commands to add to gameplay

12:49 PM – it’s announced to be released this Fall

12:50 PM – Andrew Wilson brings Legendary football quarterback Joe Montana onto the stage for Madden 13 Demo

12:50 PM – Begins playing Madden 13; makes calls to plays for the Kinect voice recongnition

12:51 PM – Gameplay ends, Joe Montana is impressed and says it brings back memories

12:52 PM – Madden 13 hits stores August 13th

12:52 PM – Trailer for a new Kinect game Fable: The Journey is shown

12:53 PM – Head of Microsoft Studios steps onto the stage

12:54 PM – Trailer for a new Gears of War game is unveiled for the first time ever

12:55 PM – Game is called Gears of War: Judgement

12:55 PM – Trailer for Forza Horizon begins, to be released October 23rd 2012

12:57 PM – They show a demo for Bing Voice Search on Xbox; it supports many languages

1:00 PM – They announce Nickelodeon, Paramount, Machinima, and Univision as additions to entertainment to search for on Bing Voice Search

1:01 PM – NBA is officially coming to Xbox; can watch highlights and videos

1:02 PM – NHL  is also coming to Xbox next season

1:02 PM – ESPN will get 24 hour coverage on Xbox including Sportscenter on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN3, and ESPNU

1:03 PM – Trailer showcasing different sports programs begins; search anything with Kinect Voice Recognition

1:04 PM – Microsoft announces Xbox Music, a new service of searching and streaming music on Xbox, Windows 8 PCs, Windows Phones and tablets.

1:06 PM – Video for some sort of Fitness game for Kinect

1:09 PM – Nike Plus Kinect Training is announced

1:10 PM – Nike Plus and Xbox Live will work together to help people find others for training

1:10 PM – Nike Plus Kinect Training can send updates to your Windows Phone

1:11 PM – Marc Whitten steps on the stage

1:12 PM – He announces Xbox SmartGlass; Movies, TV, and games are more interactive

1:13 PM – Gives a demo of Xbox SmartGlass, enables you to save and continue watching your videos from your Tablet, Windows Phone, and Xbox.

1:15 PM – Shows video of the new Halo Waypoint

1:17 PM – Xbox SmartGlass enables you to browse the Dashboard with Phone or Tablet as a remote

1:18 PM – Internet Explorer is officially coming to Xbox this year

1:19 PM – Shows demo of IE on Xbox; shows a clip from the Prometheus trailer

1:20 PM – With SmartGlass, you can browse IE with more controls

1:21 PM – Xbox SmartGlass will be coming to Xbox this Fall

1:21 PM – Xbox Games on Windows 8

1:22 PM – Tomb Raider is finally shown!

1:22 PM – New gameplay is shown; shows more polish than last years E3

1:24 PM – Lots of gameplay is shown, Lara Croft shooting arrows at enemies, lots of brutal combat is shown.

1:27 PM – They announce a demo for Tomb Raider will be available for Xbox 360 first

1:28 PM – Signal Studios comes to the stage, showcase 3 new games

1:29 PM – Trailer is shown for Ascend: New Gods. Coming 2013

1:30 PM – Trailer is shown for LocoCycle. Coming 2013.

1:31 PM – Trailer is shown for Matter. Made for Kinect. Coming 2013

1:32 PM – Capcom comes to the stage to play a demo of Resident Evil 6.

1:33 PM – Leon is……back?

1:37 PM – Resident Evil 6 trailer ends

1:38 PM – Wreckateer is shown off as a new Kinect game. Coming to Xbox Live this Summer

1:39 PM – South Park: The Stick of Truth game trailer is shown! (Narrated by Cartmen)

1:41 PM – Trey Parker and Matt Stone come to the stage. Surprise! Live demo is shown

1:43 PM – South Park is coming early 2013

1:44 PM – Dance Central 3 is shown.

1:45 PM – Usher performs a dance for his song “Scream” to promote Dance Central 3

1:48 PM – Don Mattrick returns to the stage to close the conference

1:50 PM – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gameplay footage is shown

2:01 PM – Trailer ends, Microsoft E3 Conference ends. Black Ops 2 is coming November 11th 2012.

I hope you enjoyed this Live Blog!


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