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Nintendo E3 Conference – Live Blog

NOTE: All times are EDT

12:00 PM – Conference begins

12:02  – Miyamoto walks out and instantly begins with Pikmin 3

12:04 – Translater comes out to translate Miyamoto’s explanation of the Wii U in Japanese to English

12:06 – Pikmin 3 is finally unveiled. New Rock pikmin shown. 4 player co-op?

12:11 – Reggie Fils-Aime takes the stage!

12:12 – Talks more PR info about how the Wii U will revolutionize the living room.

12:14 – Wii U will support 2 GamePads confirmed.

12:16 – MiiVerse is re-announced.

12:20 – Reggie states how Mario will work with MiiVerse

12:21 – New Super Mario Bros. U revealed.

12:23 – Reggie talks Third party games

12:24 – Batman: Arkham City is shown.

12:24 – Name is changed for Wii U version and is called “Batman Arhkam City: Armored Edition”

12:26 – Live demo is shown. Showcases unique Wii U GamePad features like motion batarang and inventory list.

12:28 – Scibblenauts Unlimited for Wii U annaounced.

12:31 – A montage video is shown of the third-party games coming this Fall.

12:33 – Wii Fit U is announced and a video is shown.

12:37 – Sing! (Working title) is announced for the Wii U. A karoake type game.

12:39 – Scott Moffitt comes up to talk about the Nintendo 3DS

12:40 – He is stating that there’s another 3DS conference tomorrow.

12:40 – New Super Paper Mario 2 announced for Nintendo 3DS.

12:41 – Paper Mario 3DS is re-introduced as Paper Mario: Sticker Star

12:43 – Luigi’s Mansion 2 is shown as well.

12:44 – They show a quick montage of third-party games for Nintendo 3DS. More info will be at the live conference tomorrow

12:46 – Lego City Undercover is announced and a trailer is shown.

12:48 – Lego City 3DS is also announced to coincide with the Wii U version.

12:49 – Reggie introduces Ubisoft CEO to the stage.

12:50 – Ubi CEO mentions Zombi U and Rayman Legends and how they will utilize the Wii U and its GamePad.

12:51 – Just Dance 4 is shown for Wii U. Moves Like Jagger is demoed.

12:52 – Zombi U is shown. Gameplay is finally shown. Lots of interesting GamePad usage.

12:56 – Another Ubisoft montage showcasing Wii U games.

12:58 – The set has changed. Everything says “NintendoLand”

12:59 – NintendoLand incorporates 12 different Nintendo series into game “attractions”

1:05 – NintendoLand is confirmed to launch at the same time

1:09 – Conference Ends

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