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New Screens for Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

June 6, 2012 Leave a comment

For those that are unaware, a new Tony Hawk game is being developed which takes levels from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 & 2 and are done in a new coat of High Definition graphics called Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD. Gameinformer has snagged several new screens from the game showcasing some of the classic levels. It will be released on XBLA and PSN sometime during the summer.



More screens can be seen here.


Watch Dogs Interview + Gameplay

June 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Straight from E3 2012, VG24/7 interviews Dominic Guay, the producer for Ubisoft’s new IP Watch Dogs. Gameplay is also shown in the video . Watch Dogs will be releasing sometime in 2013as well as several aspects about how the game is played and the protagonist’s powers in the city. Watch Dogs is confirmed to be releasing on “Multiple platforms” and will be released sometime in 2013.

Ubisoft E3 Conference – Live Blog

June 4, 2012 Leave a comment

6:05 PM – Ubisoft E3 Conference begins

6:05 PM – Kicks right off with a performance of Flo Rida showing Just Dance 4 

6:10 PM – Aisha Tyler (host) show Tobuscus on a Web stream

6:11 PM – Far Cry 3 is shown off by Dan Hay, one of the producers of the game

6:20 – Far Cry 3 game trailer ends, Dan Hay and Tobuscus talk about exploration and single player

6:22 – Splinter Cell: Blacklist is shown again except now with Max Beland, the game director.

6:23 – Co-op from Splinter Cell: Conviction is confirmed to return. 

6:23 – Another trailer is shown for the game, except with CGI graphics.

6:26 – Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is coming Fall 2012. Also for Wii U.

6:28 – Rayman Legends talk for the Wii U

6:29 – Demo is shown from early Wii U Developer Kit. Murphy is a playable character using the WiiU GamePad screen. 

6:35 – ZOMBI CGI trailer unveiled. Another Wii U title. 

6:37 – A short trailer showing many different games for the Wii U including Rayman, Zombi, and Assassin’s Creed 3. 

6:39 – Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer. 

6:43 – In-game footage being showed off. 

6:51 – Assassin’s Creed 3 demo ends. The main character fights both British and American Templars. 

6:52 – Another short AC3 clip was shown. Nothing but a montage of assassination clips. 

6:53 – Shootmania demo is shown off next. Two teams from Ubisoft play against each other.

6:59 – Another short montage trailer showing smaller, more social games like The Settlers Online

7:05 – A new IP is being shown. A trailer about the New York blackout is shown

7:06 – In same trailer the game shows a fictional OS called “ctOS” which is an A.I. that controls an entire city.

7:07 – Gameplay of same game shows. The city you walk in is indeed your weapon. 

7:19 – Game is called Watch Dogs. 

7:20 – Ubisoft E3 Conference Done.

EA E3 Conference – Live Blog

June 4, 2012 Leave a comment

NOTE: All times are in EDT.

4:00 PM – EA Conference starts

4:04 PM – Trailer of Dead Space 3 is shown

4:05 PM – Game will feature new areas and have drop in/drop out co-op gameplay

4:06 PM – Co-op Demo is being shown off

4:11 PM – Dead Space demo ends. Coming in February 2013.

4:12 PM – Cam Weber comes out and shows Madden 13

4:12 PM – Madden NFL 13 is running on the Infinity Engine, which goes by each players mass, speed, and physical capabilities

4:14 PM – Weber introduces Michael Irving and they talk upgrade system in Madden 13

4:18 PM – Sim City Social is announced and is coming to Facebook.

4:19 PM – Sim City is also coming to PC February 2013.

4:24 PM – Next up is Battlefield 3

4:25 PM – EA DICE announces Battlefield 3 Premium.

4:26 PM – 5 Expansion packs over the course of 9 months will be released. Available now.

4:27 PM – Battlefield 3 Premium trailer is shown

4:28 PM – *Cue iconic Star Wars theme* Bioware and Star Wars: The Old Republic

4:30 PM – Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free to plau up to Level 15 in July 2012

4:31 PM – New content trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic is shown.

4:32 PM – Medal of Honor: Warfighter demo is shown. Running on Frostbite 2.

4:39 PM – Demo ends, introduces Global Warfighter as a part of the Campaign.

4:41 PM – They announced new versions of Madden and FIFA for mobile devices and tablets.

4:50 PM – UFC Unleashed 2013 is unveiled

4:53 PM – Need For Speed Most Wanted is shown

5:01 PM – Crysis 3 is shown. Coming 2013.

5:05 PM – EA Conference Done.

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Minecraft is the best selling XBLA Game…Ever

June 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Markus “Notch” Persson recently tweeted:


With it being on XBLA for nearly a month, the incredibly addicting game Minecraft has indeed become the best selling game on the platform. Quite a feat as several games before took a couple of years to reach that spot. Congrats to Notch and Minecraft!


Microsoft E3 Conference – Live Blog

June 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Live updates with time stamps will be posted as soon as the conference goes live. Stay tuned!

NOTE: All times are in EDT.

12:30 PM – Microsoft E3 Conference begins

12:31 PM – World Premiere trailer of Halo 4 begins

12:32 PM – Gameplay footage of Master chief in game begins.

12:33 PM – Master Chief is walking through a forest and encounters some grunts

12:34 PM – Chief encounters some new smaller creatures that are not Covenant based

12:35 PM – Chief shoots a new forerunner enemy, kills it and it drops a newer weapon–some sort of railgun?

12:37 PM – The players activates a thermal visor of some sort

12:37 PM – Live footage ends, switches to CGI trailer

12:38 PM – Trailer ends, Don Mattrick steps on the stage

12:38 PM –  He speaks on how popular the Xbox 360 is and how much it has selled

12:40 PM – A new trailer starts, unveiling Splinter Cell: Blacklist

12:41 PM – Gameplay of Splinter Cell: Blacklist begins

12:42 PM – Sam Fisher returns as the main protagonist; he goes on a shooting spree with swift movements.

12:43 PM – Splinter Cell: Blacklist will have classic stealth gameplay incorporated with Kinect Integration

12:45 PM – Gameplay looks to take some inspiration from Assassin’s Creed with movement very similar with Parkour-action

12:46 PM – Trailer ends and is met with applause; they announce it will be released Spring 2013

12:47 PM – Head of EA Sports Andrew Wilson steps on the stage; talks about Kinect integration with Madden 13 & FIFA 13

12:48 PM – Gameplay of FIFA 13 is shown giving voice commands to add to gameplay

12:49 PM – it’s announced to be released this Fall

12:50 PM – Andrew Wilson brings Legendary football quarterback Joe Montana onto the stage for Madden 13 Demo

12:50 PM – Begins playing Madden 13; makes calls to plays for the Kinect voice recongnition

12:51 PM – Gameplay ends, Joe Montana is impressed and says it brings back memories

12:52 PM – Madden 13 hits stores August 13th

12:52 PM – Trailer for a new Kinect game Fable: The Journey is shown

12:53 PM – Head of Microsoft Studios steps onto the stage

12:54 PM – Trailer for a new Gears of War game is unveiled for the first time ever

12:55 PM – Game is called Gears of War: Judgement

12:55 PM – Trailer for Forza Horizon begins, to be released October 23rd 2012

12:57 PM – They show a demo for Bing Voice Search on Xbox; it supports many languages

1:00 PM – They announce Nickelodeon, Paramount, Machinima, and Univision as additions to entertainment to search for on Bing Voice Search

1:01 PM – NBA is officially coming to Xbox; can watch highlights and videos

1:02 PM – NHL  is also coming to Xbox next season

1:02 PM – ESPN will get 24 hour coverage on Xbox including Sportscenter on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN3, and ESPNU

1:03 PM – Trailer showcasing different sports programs begins; search anything with Kinect Voice Recognition

1:04 PM – Microsoft announces Xbox Music, a new service of searching and streaming music on Xbox, Windows 8 PCs, Windows Phones and tablets.

1:06 PM – Video for some sort of Fitness game for Kinect

1:09 PM – Nike Plus Kinect Training is announced

1:10 PM – Nike Plus and Xbox Live will work together to help people find others for training

1:10 PM – Nike Plus Kinect Training can send updates to your Windows Phone

1:11 PM – Marc Whitten steps on the stage

1:12 PM – He announces Xbox SmartGlass; Movies, TV, and games are more interactive

1:13 PM – Gives a demo of Xbox SmartGlass, enables you to save and continue watching your videos from your Tablet, Windows Phone, and Xbox.

1:15 PM – Shows video of the new Halo Waypoint

1:17 PM – Xbox SmartGlass enables you to browse the Dashboard with Phone or Tablet as a remote

1:18 PM – Internet Explorer is officially coming to Xbox this year

1:19 PM – Shows demo of IE on Xbox; shows a clip from the Prometheus trailer

1:20 PM – With SmartGlass, you can browse IE with more controls

1:21 PM – Xbox SmartGlass will be coming to Xbox this Fall

1:21 PM – Xbox Games on Windows 8

1:22 PM – Tomb Raider is finally shown!

1:22 PM – New gameplay is shown; shows more polish than last years E3

1:24 PM – Lots of gameplay is shown, Lara Croft shooting arrows at enemies, lots of brutal combat is shown.

1:27 PM – They announce a demo for Tomb Raider will be available for Xbox 360 first

1:28 PM – Signal Studios comes to the stage, showcase 3 new games

1:29 PM – Trailer is shown for Ascend: New Gods. Coming 2013

1:30 PM – Trailer is shown for LocoCycle. Coming 2013.

1:31 PM – Trailer is shown for Matter. Made for Kinect. Coming 2013

1:32 PM – Capcom comes to the stage to play a demo of Resident Evil 6.

1:33 PM – Leon is……back?

1:37 PM – Resident Evil 6 trailer ends

1:38 PM – Wreckateer is shown off as a new Kinect game. Coming to Xbox Live this Summer

1:39 PM – South Park: The Stick of Truth game trailer is shown! (Narrated by Cartmen)

1:41 PM – Trey Parker and Matt Stone come to the stage. Surprise! Live demo is shown

1:43 PM – South Park is coming early 2013

1:44 PM – Dance Central 3 is shown.

1:45 PM – Usher performs a dance for his song “Scream” to promote Dance Central 3

1:48 PM – Don Mattrick returns to the stage to close the conference

1:50 PM – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gameplay footage is shown

2:01 PM – Trailer ends, Microsoft E3 Conference ends. Black Ops 2 is coming November 11th 2012.

I hope you enjoyed this Live Blog!


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E3 is here!

June 4, 2012 Leave a comment


Gaming’s greatest event showcasing the newest upcoming games begins…today! (Well where I’m at it’s June 4th.) The times are as follows:


Microsoft E3 conference: 9:30 AM PDT/12:30 PM EDT

EA E3 Conference: 1:00 PM PDT/ 4:00 PM EDT

Ubisoft E3 Conference: 3:00 PM PDT/6:00 PM EDT

Sony E3 Conference: 6:00 PM PDT/9:00 EDT


Nintendo E3 Conference: 9:00 AM PDT/12:00 PM EDT

There will be updates here for each conference as they are on. Stay tuned.