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Wii U is as powerful as Xbox 360/PS3, GPU Just A Tad Stronger

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According to Dutch gaming site InsideGamer, with their hands-on of Assassin’s Creed 3 (which leads into this article)  they can say that the Wii U is just as strong as current HD systems. The GPU is “half times” as strong as the aforementioned systems. So for the next generation of game consoles it’s safe to say that the Wii U will lag behind in processing power once the next Microsoft and Sony consoles are released.


New Trailer for Pokemon Black 2/White 2

June 6, 2012 Leave a comment

A new trailer for the upcoming game Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 has been released. This trailer showcases footage seen in other previous trailers but includes some new clips like Pokewood, the Pokemon World Championship, and the Dream Radar App on the eShop. Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 will be released in Japan on June 23rd 2012 while it will be released in America and Europe in Fall 2012.

Nintendo E3 Conference – Live Blog

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NOTE: All times are EDT

12:00 PM – Conference begins

12:02  – Miyamoto walks out and instantly begins with Pikmin 3

12:04 – Translater comes out to translate Miyamoto’s explanation of the Wii U in Japanese to English

12:06 – Pikmin 3 is finally unveiled. New Rock pikmin shown. 4 player co-op?

12:11 – Reggie Fils-Aime takes the stage!

12:12 – Talks more PR info about how the Wii U will revolutionize the living room.

12:14 – Wii U will support 2 GamePads confirmed.

12:16 – MiiVerse is re-announced.

12:20 – Reggie states how Mario will work with MiiVerse

12:21 – New Super Mario Bros. U revealed.

12:23 – Reggie talks Third party games

12:24 – Batman: Arkham City is shown.

12:24 – Name is changed for Wii U version and is called “Batman Arhkam City: Armored Edition”

12:26 – Live demo is shown. Showcases unique Wii U GamePad features like motion batarang and inventory list.

12:28 – Scibblenauts Unlimited for Wii U annaounced.

12:31 – A montage video is shown of the third-party games coming this Fall.

12:33 – Wii Fit U is announced and a video is shown.

12:37 – Sing! (Working title) is announced for the Wii U. A karoake type game.

12:39 – Scott Moffitt comes up to talk about the Nintendo 3DS

12:40 – He is stating that there’s another 3DS conference tomorrow.

12:40 – New Super Paper Mario 2 announced for Nintendo 3DS.

12:41 – Paper Mario 3DS is re-introduced as Paper Mario: Sticker Star

12:43 – Luigi’s Mansion 2 is shown as well.

12:44 – They show a quick montage of third-party games for Nintendo 3DS. More info will be at the live conference tomorrow

12:46 – Lego City Undercover is announced and a trailer is shown.

12:48 – Lego City 3DS is also announced to coincide with the Wii U version.

12:49 – Reggie introduces Ubisoft CEO to the stage.

12:50 – Ubi CEO mentions Zombi U and Rayman Legends and how they will utilize the Wii U and its GamePad.

12:51 – Just Dance 4 is shown for Wii U. Moves Like Jagger is demoed.

12:52 – Zombi U is shown. Gameplay is finally shown. Lots of interesting GamePad usage.

12:56 – Another Ubisoft montage showcasing Wii U games.

12:58 – The set has changed. Everything says “NintendoLand”

12:59 – NintendoLand incorporates 12 different Nintendo series into game “attractions”

1:05 – NintendoLand is confirmed to launch at the same time

1:09 – Conference Ends

Ubisoft Interview: Why so much Third Party support for the Wii U?

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An interesting read on Ubisoft’s Large 3rd Party Support for the Wii U and their opinion on new consoles at launch. Check it out here.

Ubisoft E3 Conference – Live Blog

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6:05 PM – Ubisoft E3 Conference begins

6:05 PM – Kicks right off with a performance of Flo Rida showing Just Dance 4 

6:10 PM – Aisha Tyler (host) show Tobuscus on a Web stream

6:11 PM – Far Cry 3 is shown off by Dan Hay, one of the producers of the game

6:20 – Far Cry 3 game trailer ends, Dan Hay and Tobuscus talk about exploration and single player

6:22 – Splinter Cell: Blacklist is shown again except now with Max Beland, the game director.

6:23 – Co-op from Splinter Cell: Conviction is confirmed to return. 

6:23 – Another trailer is shown for the game, except with CGI graphics.

6:26 – Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is coming Fall 2012. Also for Wii U.

6:28 – Rayman Legends talk for the Wii U

6:29 – Demo is shown from early Wii U Developer Kit. Murphy is a playable character using the WiiU GamePad screen. 

6:35 – ZOMBI CGI trailer unveiled. Another Wii U title. 

6:37 – A short trailer showing many different games for the Wii U including Rayman, Zombi, and Assassin’s Creed 3. 

6:39 – Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer. 

6:43 – In-game footage being showed off. 

6:51 – Assassin’s Creed 3 demo ends. The main character fights both British and American Templars. 

6:52 – Another short AC3 clip was shown. Nothing but a montage of assassination clips. 

6:53 – Shootmania demo is shown off next. Two teams from Ubisoft play against each other.

6:59 – Another short montage trailer showing smaller, more social games like The Settlers Online

7:05 – A new IP is being shown. A trailer about the New York blackout is shown

7:06 – In same trailer the game shows a fictional OS called “ctOS” which is an A.I. that controls an entire city.

7:07 – Gameplay of same game shows. The city you walk in is indeed your weapon. 

7:19 – Game is called Watch Dogs. 

7:20 – Ubisoft E3 Conference Done.

Nintendo 3DS Conference Announced for Wed, June 6th

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Nintendo is going all out this E3. Nintendo is planning a 3DS conference this Wednesday, June 6th @ 6pm PDT/9 EDT. Expect lots of games and a possible surprise…

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“About time they unveil a new Nintendo 3DS. Anyone who knows Nintendo’s track record knows they redesign most of their handhelds within 1-2 years of it releasing. Looking forward to it!

My Nintendo News

Reliable Japanese publication The Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo is planning to announce a larger Nintendo 3DS at E3. The revised console will have a 4.3 inch screen, or 1.5 times the current size. The North American and European release could be as soon as the next couple of months. The publication also states that Nintendo will be retailing Wii U for around 30,000 yen. Expect to hear more at Nintendo’s E3 press conference which takes place tomorrow at 9pm PST

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